More than 30 years believing in quality...

At the Mediterranean seaside, always living among boot-trees, leather and patterns, the creator of this company did not hesitate – more than 30 years ago – to launch a new shoe factory project, where product quality and comfort were the first criteria to follow to make the shoe as “A glove for your feet”.

Our doors first opened in November, 1984. We started to make our way in the world of footwear with our unique way of making our products: “Handmade,” manually sewing the sole to the sections in order to provide maximum comfort and flexibility to the shoe, and of course, using high quality leather (cattle and sheep), both in sections and in linings and insoles, but never neglecting our light and flexible soles.
Working hard and improving day by day, we have been growing in ideas that are reflected in our samples, currently featuring among the highest quality and prestige in Spain and Europe, with different styles and markets for both men and women: sewn, assembled, broad boot-trees, removable insoles, youth market, dedicated leathers… while preserving maximum comfort and quality in all our styles.

Every day we are expanding our market thanks to the demand from increasingly loyal and satisfied customers, who ultimately are our best judges.