In Tamicus we pay special attention to comfort, quality and design.

All this combined with handmade and ecological manufacturing of our products results in an extremely comfortable and durable footwear, true to our motto “Feet in good hands”.


Along our 30 years of experience, we have learned to merge unique comfort and a design with Mediterranean feel and colors. We have always used the best materials and put them in the hands of footwear artisans.

From Alicante (Spain), we offer footwear for today’s woman, who wants to go for elegance, but not giving up maximum comfort.


Tamicus truly makes a difference in comfortable shoes, created for you to stop suffering from tired and aching feet. For such purpose, we combine our extensive experience with the most advanced technology to reach a unique quality footwear that you can enjoy for a long time.

Sewn by hand (without using glue for sticking), natural, ultra-soft touch leather, used uncut throughout the shoe (instep, insole, lining) for maximum breathability, anatomical boot-trees that fit the foot as gloves, soles made of latex and auto sliding, double air chamber rubber, shock absorbers, deodorizing charcoal insoles with air recycling systems…. These are some of our bets for the comfort you seek.

More than 30 years believing in quality...

At the Mediterranean seaside, always living among boot-trees, leather and patterns, the creator of this company did not hesitate – more than 30 years ago – to launch a new shoe factory project, where product quality and comfort were the first criteria to follow to make the shoe as “A glove for your feet”.


Process by which a pair of Tamicus shoes comes to life at our Spanish workshop is to see traditional craftsmanship and genuine skill in action. From the first step – the initial selection and quality checking of the calf skins and luxury sartorial patterns – through to completion of the final product, the quality of the raw materials and the fine attention to detail is always evident.

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